Sunday, November 18, 2012

I've Got the Music In Me

A New Calling

I was called today to be the ward music director/chairman. This essentially means that I select and lead the congregational hymns in Sacrament Meeting every Sunday. I also work with the ward choir director and plan for special musical numbers as needed.

(I asked my friend today if she would sing in a trio in a few weeks. She turned me down flat. Hardly an auspicious start. Don't worry, though. I will guilt her into it eventually.)

I was the choir director in my singles ward in Lindon for about 7 years. I really loved that calling. I'm excited to be working with music again. It will give me a chance to get to know a lot of different people in the ward that I normally wouldn't have the chance to work with. It will also force me to sing and play the piano more - talents of mine which have been sadly neglected in recent years.

My biggest concern at the moment (sadly) about all of this is that if I am in front of the congregation every Sunday leading the music, I'm gonna need more than two outfits.
Anyone up for a shopping trip?


  1. yay!! :) and giiirrrlll I am ALWAYS up for a shopping trip :)

  2. I've been shopping with you. Next time I'm getting one of this little shopping cart jazzies... <3