Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I saw Jeanette and Hayden today.
Hayden remembered me and let me hold her and hug her and carry her around.
This is remarkable considering that Hayden is very shy 
and will acknowledge almost no one but Mom and Dad.
While we were walking down the hall, I asked her if I could keep her and she said "Yes!"
Mom wasn't too pleased.
Kids have never really taken to me, but for some inexplicable reason this child loves me.

June 2012 - Ballerina Skirt and Future Supermodel

 Already the baby girl I fell in love with is turning into a long-legged child. 
I can't believe how much she has grown since I saw her in June.
I can't wait to see her baby brother Connor.
I get to babysit them this Friday night while Mom and Dad are out on a date. 
So excited!!


  1. Of course, Hayden loves you...who doesn't?! :)

    1. I could name a student or two that is not too pleased with me right now. :)