Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Start a Blog

Oh my goodness this is an agonizing process. How does one come up with a catchy title that personifies everything you want to say in your incessant ramblings that you are secretly hoping that someone might read? (Don't even get me started on choosing a font...)

I thought maybe I would start out this first blog post explaining how I finally settled on my blog address and blog title. Super exciting stuff. But making this decision has literally kept me from creating a blog for at least a year (which gives you some insight into how I operate).

Illinois Bonus

I am the youngest of seven children ("Seven children!?!?"). My mother was 47 when I was born (something I find truly remarkable not to mention self-sacrificial). My father was invited by an old friend to come help create a foreign language department at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. He has remarked that, at the time, this was akin to being invited to teach in Tooele, Utah. Not the most romantic city or prestigious assignment. But they accepted the job and moved east with 6 children in tow. Two years after the move, I was born. Ever since then, I have been introduced to friends, distant relatives, and colleagues as the "Illinois Bonus". It can be quaint and charming. Can be.

Today, Life Gets Better

I found this mantra years ago on an add for an Apple computer, which is ironic since I am not really a mac girl. Can't work 'em. But it showed a picture of two little children with hands outstretched to the sky, reaching for magical bubbles that were floating happily above their heads. It tugged at my heartstrings, and my inner hoarder cut it out and kept it.
Life has been hard and wonderful. Junior high was a nightmare. High school was generally fabulous. College was tricky. My career as a high school math teacher has been full of ups and downs. I have had heartbreaking personal moments, and incredibly brilliant ones as well. And in my mind and my heart, every day, life just keeps getting better and better. Even when I give in to self-pity and moan and groan to my besties about my sad little existence, I know, deep down, that I have been richly blessed and even greater blessings are in store.

 Okay... here goes nothing.


  1. I would LOVE to read your ramblings! :)

  2. i am excited you have started a blog! you are truly amazing & i have always looked up to you - as a young womens leader, as a teacher & as a fabulous woman in general. love you. (:

  3. Yay, Amy! Welcome to the blogger world. :D

  4. This made me very happy. :) I'm glad to be able to hear some of your thoughts. I like your writing style.

  5. Wow, can't believe I've known you all these years and NEVER heard the "Illinois Bonus"! I was thinking yesterday, completely random, about you and your sisters' middle names: Lisa, Mireille (sp)? Jane, shoot there were a couple others but now I can't remember. Things that keep me up in the middle of the night, LOL! And your older brother who married a woman who looked like a Barbie doll. :^) It's strange the things we remember or forget!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

  8. HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS YET?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is the best thing to ever happen to me. *tear*